Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. Edible Blessings is a MOBILE delivery bakery business.  The majority of our business is conducted online or by phone and delivered. However, pick up options are always available BY APPOINTMENT at Jax Kitchen, 1850 Emerson St, Jacksonville FL 32207.

Our classic dessert cakes (with NO customizations other than an inscription is allowed), start at $35 & up depending on the size selected.  All custom cakes are priced based on the complexity of the design, labor, materials, and the number of servings. For an exact quote for your cake, please click HERE 

All orders over $99 require an immediate, 50% non-refundable deposit to book.

All orders less than $99 requires a FULL, nonrefundable payment at the time of booking.

We will not hold your date or begin working on your order until the deposit has been received. All orders are subject to 7% FL sales tax.

Yes! While many bakeries these days have shied away from the traditional sheets cakes, we welcome your request!   Traditionally, “sheet cake” is just one layer of cake with buttercream or any special filling requested inside. They’re a perfect alternative for birthday parties, large gatherings, and much more without the expense of a custom cake. Sheet cakes start at ¼ sheet to full sheet size, and pricing starts at $50 up.

NO. All Prices quoted are firm. All cakes are custom made, take a great deal of time, resources, and labor to make your cake special.

Easy!  Just visit the Order page or click HERE

Tastings are by appointment only and are for weddings or other custom orders over $300. Appointments are available on Sunday afternoons only at Jax Kitchen, 1850 Emerson St, Jacksonville FL 32207.  If a home visit is preferred, it can be arranged for an add’l $25-$50 travel fee, depending on zip code up to 50 miles.

There is a $40 fee for the cake tasting, which includes 4 flavors.  Additional flavors can be requested at $5 per flavor. If adding dessert table sweets, you can choose up to 4 desserts to sample for an add’l $15 fee.

If you decide to book our services, the entire tasting fee will be applied as a credit to the total amount of the order. Otherwise, the tasting fee(s) are non-refundable.

No, all cakes are custom order, and we do not have slices available.

Yes, just click HERE  to view it.

YES! Edible Blessings (EB) motto is “our location is YOUR location”!

While we still offer our classic door to door service (subject to availability and zip code), please note that due to recent health restrictions (COVID-19), for the safety of our team and clients, we have limited our contact by implementing city-wide “Hot Spots”. These are scheduled Pick up locations throughout the city of Jacksonville where clients can meet an EB rep to retrieve their order closest to their home.

Pick up is also always available at the Jax Kitchen location by appointment only.

As far as possible!  It’s never too early to book, especially when it comes to a custom cake as they are very time consuming and require a great deal of detail.  It’s STRONGLY recommended that custom request be booked a month or more in advance.  On occasion, orders can be accepted up to 2 weeks prior to the due date (depending on the request). Please inquire and availability will be checked.

Effective 1/1/20, we no longer accept “last minute” custom cake requests for orders less than 7 days from the due date.  It does no one any good to receive a rushed cake order, as it diminishes the quality of product and service.

Recommended ordering guidelines:

CUSTOM THEMED CAKES: 30+ days in advance; possibly 2 weeks (see above)

WEDDING CAKES: 60+ days in advance, up to a year preferably.

DESSERT TABLES: 60+ days in advance, up to a year.

CLASSIC DESSERTS/CAKES: 72 hours. Nothing is “sitting around” or “extra” to be sold, as all items are made to order.

CHEESECAKES: 72 hours-1 week as they are timing consuming and oven “monopolizing”.

Yes, you can eat fondant. It’s mostly sugar based covering, made to give the cake or treats a smoother, cleaner, flawless look.  Fondant gets such a bad wrap due to its old chalky taste and methods of use from 20 years ago.  Today, fondant is actually delicious and doesn’t have to be applied so thick!  It comes in caramel, candy, vanilla, and many other flavors and still does a great aesthetic job.  Some people don’t care for the texture in combination with the cake. It’s perfectly acceptable not to eat it.

What it’s not: FONDUE – which is melted cheese primarily served with alcohol infusion and dippers (veggies, bread, etc).

FONDANT: Sugar paste coating used to cover cakes for a flawless finish.

“FONDUE”: Cheese dip.

Yes! As a custom bakery, we offer sugar free, gluten-free, vegan, organic, and some keto items!  Offerings vary based on the request, as all items can’t be converted from original state to altered.

ALLERGY NOTE: Our kitchen uses milk, eggs, nuts, dyes, and other allergy sensitive products. While we do our best to keep special diet items away from these ingredients and surfaces, there is no guarantee.

Purchasing any special diet items is at your own risk, and releases all liability from Edible Blessings, LLC.

The list is endless!  Please review our Dessert menu to see all that we have to offer.

Yes! If you are interested in learning how to advance your own baking skills, start your own baking business, or just want to learn a new hobby, we have something for you!  Please visit our “Parties & Classes” page HERE

Yes!  Minimum headcount for parties is 8 for both children and adults.   Please visit our “Parties & Classes” page HERE (please add link)