Facial Cupping

Small cone shaped suction cups are slid along the face to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, clear sinus congestion, and activate lymphatic drainage. Leaves you feeling and looking sculpted, glowing, and radiant

45 min $80

Fire And Ice Facial

iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial is an infamous and quite intensive treatment that is clinically formulated with some of the purest and the best pharmaceutical ingredients. This facial is designed to effectively resurface the skin, reduce the skin issues of aging people, treat facial fine lines and enhance the renewal of skin cells.

60 min $120


Collagen Induction Therapy, also called “CIT” or “Microneedling”, takes advantage of the skin’s self-repair process by creating thousands of precise micro-injuries in the dermis. This triggers new collagen synthesis without causing new scar tissue formation. So this minimally invasive treatment stimulates your skin’s natural ability to repair itself, especially collagen and elastin production. Safety and patient comfort are our top priorities when performing microneedling.

What are the benefits of microneedling?
Microneedling helps reduce the signs of aging, improve the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation and rejuvenate aging skin. In one study of 60 patients with acne scarring, three microneedling treatments resulted in a 31 percent improvement in skin texture, with no discoloration of the skin. Microneedling was effective for all skin types.

Multiple sessions are needed to maximize results

1 treatment  $250

package of 3 $600


Dermaplaning was once an aesthetic trade secret in the modeling industry. Excellent on its own or combined with hydrating facials, chemical peels or rejuvenating light therapy, dermaplaning gently removes the outer most layer of dead skin cells on the face. We will manually exfoliate the treatment area using a 10 gauge scalpel. Vellus hair, also referred to as peach fuzz, is also removed during the treatment. The immediate result is fresh, bright skin revealed and a smoother look and feel to the skin. This treatment is recommended for all skin types with the exception of those who suffer from acne. This treatment is safe and effective for pregnant or nursing women..

75 min $150

LED Custom Facial

Designed to focus on your individual skin concerns, LED lights target everything from rosacea, inflammation, and fine lines, to hyperpigmentation, sagging skin and acne. This treatment includes a deep-pore cleansing, custom peel, enzyme mask, gentle extractions, a hydrating clinical-grade oxygen spray, luxurious serums, and a revitalizing mask. Your treatment will finish with a relaxing facial massage and customized LED therapy. The final result will be nourished, revitalized, and calm skin.

75 min $150

55 min $125

Customized Chemical Peels

Over the years, dead skin cells can accumulate on your face and clog up your skin. A facial peel works by accelerating a natural process already taking place in our bodies. We are constantly shedding skin, so a skin peel is, at its most basic, an accelerated form of exfoliation. It can help reduce acne scarring, reverse skin damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, remove hyper-pigmentation, liver spots and other signs of ageing.

30 Minutes Single Session $125

3 Package                              $275