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Creative Classes

Want to learn or enhance your baking skills?
Ready to start your own baking business?
Just want to learn a new hobby?
We’ve got something for everyone!

Beginner Baking 101

$50/Hours (2 hour minimum) per student.

This class is perfect for the Hobbyist that just wants to learn a new skill, or the experienced baker that just wants to brush up on basics.

Must have a group of at least THREE (3) students for class to proceed as scheduled.  

You choose the class, and we will spend the time working on that skill!

Cake baking: How to properly bake a cake, make buttercream, cool, level, and ice. Includes quick border piping and easy decor techniques.

Cookie baking: How to make classic cookies and quick decorating techniques.

Cupcake baking: How to properly bake cupcakes, make buttercream, and ice.

Includes quick and easy decorating techniques.

Intermediate Baking 201 – $75/hr (2 hour minimum) per student.

This class is perfect for the novice baker that just wants to advance their skills. Students should already know how to bake, cool, level, make buttercream, and properly ice a cake or other treats. 

Must have a group of at least THREE (3) students for class to proceed as scheduled. 

You choose the class, and we will spend the time working on that skill!

Tiered Cake Construction:  How to properly prepare a cake for stacking to ensure no damages or movement.  Includes quick piping decorating skills easy to apply to a tiered cake.

Fondant!: This class covers how to properly knead, roll, and apply to cover cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more without dreaded tears, rips and ugly cracks.  Also covers several quick decorating tips such as fondant flowers, shapes, etc.

Sculpted Cakes 101: Ever wanted to make one of those cool 2D cakes but just didn’t have a clue where to begin? This is the class for you!  Learn how to make a simple raised cake such as a bottle or purse! THIS IS FOR SIMPLE SCULPTED CAKES – not large 3D cakes which requires advanced skills. Includes quick and easy decorating techniques.


NOTE: Each of the above classes are taught at Jax Kitchen, 1850 Emerson St 32207.

Advanced: Baking & Business Mentoring Program

One-On-One only.  (Pricing options below)


If growing your business into a fulltime venture is your goal, you need to immediate from a hobbyist to a BOSS business owner!

No matter what step you’re on or if you need to start from scratch, Edible Blessings can help through one or ALL of the below offerings:

  1. Individual phone calls.

COST: $50/Hr.; book 3 calls at once for $125 ($25 savings).

Do you simply have questions on next steps for your business? Recipe help? Any baking business questions in general? This may be all you need.

  1.  Online Class Access to Cake Accounting 101, or Sales Tricks & Tips.

COST: $30 per class (Or access both for $50), for a one (1) time 24 hour access.

These are online classes taught to prior students on Facebook platform in a private setting. These sessions are chock FULL of valuable, timeless baking business information! Cake Accounting has 2 hours of video and written notes, spreadsheets and more. Sales tricks has a little under 1 1/2 hours of sales tricks and tips for the baking industry.  Prerequisite: MUST have Facebook access to watch.  

  1. Hands on Kitchen Session.

COST: $150 for 3 hour class.

Classes are available for Sunday Afternoons Only, and are done at Jax Kitchen, 1850 Emerson St. 32207.

You get to choose to learn whatever skills you’d like to cover within your booked session! Anything from baking from start to finish, fruit bouquets, how to use fondant, cake presentation, or anything dessert based you’d like to learn in the timeframe.

Full Blown Mentoring

 (90 days of direct mentoring)

COST: $500.00
A $250 nonrefundable deposit is required to book and start mentoring, with the balance of $250 due on day 60 to complete the program.
 If balance payments aren’t received on time, then sessions are immediately ended.   6 month mentoring is available for $950; payment plan option is also available.

Full mentoring includes:

    1. Initial in person, zoom, or over the phone meeting to thoroughly discuss your goals, current business standing, problems, successes and MUCH more. This sets the foundation for the entire mentorship plan.
    2. Weekly assignments to achieve a certain goal per week (based on your business needs).
    3. Spotlighting on my own business platforms to help you promote your business.
    4. Weekly 30 minute phone calls to follow up on steps.
    5. Entry into online recorded classes for no add’l cost for the duration of the mentoring.
    6. TWO (2), 2 hour Hands on session in the commercial kitchen. This is your time to learn new skills in decorating, presentation, and more in the kitchen setting.
    7. And much more as needed for a full 90 days.

Sweet rewards

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